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More about me, Mercedes

You may have wondered who was behind this … That’s me Mercedes! I am now 21 years old and have been surrounded by animals for as long as I live. In September 2018 my childhood dream finally came true! I got my own dog. Not just a dog, but a Spanish bastard. My mother had found him along the road in Spain a few months earlier. Of course she couldn’t leave him there so she took him to a shelter. Weeks passed, and Levy (then Eddie) was still in the shelter. In Spain and the Netherlands nobody was interested in him. It wasn’t necessarily wrong in the shelter, I mean the people there were very kind to him. But such a shelter still gives a lot of stress to a dog! I thought he just had to come to the Netherlands, so we could take care of him temporarily and give love until someone wanted to adopt him. Well you guessed it, at the very first moment I got to see him (even though it was 2 o’clock at night) I was in love. And since then he has never left. And we are both very happy with each other every day.
Now a few years later we have expended our family with another rescue dog, Zahra. Another foster fail, but just the perfect match

Levy’s stuff

I loved making stuff for Levy and Indy (our former old family dog). But I also like to make others happy! When I started with levy’s Instagram page, I didn’t know what to expect. But now I enjoy it so much! I got to know so many lovely people and learned so much. We really do it together. That’s because Levy wants to be photographed. (Slime Ball) And I enjoy taking those pictures again and sharing them with other dog lovers. 3 years ago I started Levy’s stuff, again, I had no idea what to expect. We were one of the first small handmade shops on Instagram, so it was all new to me. But it was a great adventure, I have grown so much and still learn everyday! Levy, and now also Zahra really inspire me for new products and ideas.
We are still a small company that does not deserve big time, I still really do it because it has become my hobby making unique, strong and adventure proof dog gear. I love it when I read a happy review of you guys again!
Handmade products will never be the same or totally perfect, but every product is very strong and definitely adventure proof, thats where I strive for! I get it back every time, people don’t expect my products to be that strong since its handmade but they are always happily surprised! I hope we can make a product for you soon! Always feel free to message me on Instagram: @levysstuff or send a email.

Lots of love, Levy, Zahra and Mercedes

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